Why Seismografics?

Seismografics sees itself as Germany’s most versatile packaging producer and intends to produce boxes with an authentic brand experience. In cooperation with the experts for presentation of Brands and Products from Bel Epok, we offer you a distinguished, global, accurate, exquisite and contemporary packaging solution.

Selected Partners like BRAND performance for editor programming, help us to offer you complete solutions.

  • Conception and design
  • Editor, digital Workflows, Plug-ins for your Onlineshop, complete POS Solutions
  • Templates offering creative opportunities for the customers while preserving the brand CI
  • Digital/combined packaging production with attractive enhancement effects

Online personalisation
We can develop and produce packaging suitable for shipping and personalisation, or we can modify your current packaging design to fit our parameters.

Additional option
Manufacture and ship on your behalf.

Personalisation at the POS
Development and production of your attractive gift packaging in a customisable version. Design based on our standards or modifications of the packaging you already have.

Our proven, intuitive operable Editor as a “stand alone“ solution. Your designs and design options are maintained by us.

Additional option
Our perfect station with a pre-configured tablet computer and digital printer in it. You only have to install the power plugs. It‘s possible to rent or buy the station. You can choose between different designs.