Product test

Administrative marketing projects: Convincing more attention

Starting point M2 Beauté is one of the most successful cosmetic start-ups. The best-selling product is an effective solution to help your eyelashes grow faster. To raise the awareness and acceptance among the target group, who are 50 years of age and older, the M2 Beauté Company decided to participate in the “Freundin Trend Lounge”. This is a community for free product tests, which are performed by 500-1000 chosen members. Positive reviews are spread on social media.

The challenge The product’s effects are only visible after 6 weeks, so the participants had to be motivated to finish the test period. The solution: Personal attention

  • The development of an individually designed and personalisable package for the test product.
  • Package by digital printing with the first name of the tester.
  • Personal message and QR-Code on the inside of the lid with information about the product and how to use it.

External view of the packaging with personalisation

Internal view of the cover which is personally dedicated and with a QR-Code

The result: A complete success! The project had a lasting presence on social media, countless posts prove that it was the personalised packaging that attracted the attention of the audience and played a huge role in success.