Personalisation at the point of sale

The attraction in your showroom: Live personalisation

Starting point
The Jochen Schweizer gift experience is mostly offered online, but can also be food in small stands or shops in malls. There you can buy gift vouchers for unforgettable experiences, packaged in premium gift boxes.

The aim
A higher and more appealing profile for spontaneous purchasing decisions. Attractive gift packaging with the option of personalising on-site attracts more customers. Passers-by discover the offering and take advantage of the opportunity to personalise a gift.

The solution
The existing Jochen Schweizer gift packaging, a box and a bandrole, were redesigned for on-site personalisation in the shops. A personalised blank can be printed and inserted into the bandrole in the shop.

The result
In Christmas 2017, they offered the option to personalised their gift packaging in two of the most visited shops in Germany. They saw a sales increase of 40%!