Invitation to a fair

A special experience for VIPs: The self-made goodie box

Starting point Easyfair organises and hosts trade events to present many different industries with a vision for the future. To improve their offerings for the packaging industry, the company established a whole new trade event: The Packaging Innovation Fair. In 2016, this fair took place in Hamburg. Personalised invitations were sent to 1,000 VIPs.

Aim To attract desirable exhibitors to the newly established fair by appealing to key potential customers in the packaing industry.

The solution The personalised invitations included a voucher code for a gift. The VIP recipients were directed to a dedicated website to design their own personalised gift box. They were only able to pick up their goodie boxes at the fair.

The result: sensational response Out of 1000 contacts, 570 of them visited the website and used the editing tool to design their own goodie box. That´s 57%!